CSM Group: Built on Higher Standards

“If you build it, they will come.” For CSM Group, you can take this beloved movie line literally and figuratively.

Along with having a 36-year track record of proven success in construction management, CSM Group also prides itself on building solid relationships. “We believe our people are our biggest asset,” said Jim Feltch, president and chief executive officer, CSM Group. “A principle example of this philosophy is our ability to develop lasting relationships with our clients; over 85 percent of our work is repeat business. Sustaining these relationships is only possible because of our energetic, fully engaged and dedicated workforce.”

Like CSM Group, Treystar is a family-oriented, people-first organization. That’s why, when CSM Group sought to build an environment that would inspire deeper connections, collaboration and creativity, Treystar emerged as the perfect partner. Together, the two companies brought The Foundry to life. In addition to being Treystar’s business partner, CSM Group became the anchor tenant of this one-of-a-kind, 53,000-square-foot commercial and office space that opened in 2017.

“The opportunity to move into such a modern, collaborative and open environment was too good to pass up,” Feltch said. “This is the space of the future.”

To date, CSM Group has worked in 26 states across the U.S. and is currently managing a large project in Canada. Born out of the health care industry, the Kalamazoo-headquartered company used that “environment of care” approach to expand into other market segments, including food and beverage, manufacturing, corporate facilities, retail and hospitality, and education.

“It’s not just a building to our clients – and it’s not just a job for us,” said Todd McDonald, principal and chief operating officer, CSM Group. “We’re proud to have people at all levels throughout our organization who take an extra interest in and ownership of every project. This enthusiasm translates to a tangible benefit at many points during the construction process.”

With satellite offices in Grand Rapids and Memphis, CSM Group puts the interests and goals of its clients first and foremost. “As a managing contractor, we act solely on their behalf,” McDonald said. “We hold ourselves at a high standard, operate at a high standard and expect the same from all our trade contractor partners.”

Working side by side with Treystar has also sparked greater performance and innovation at CSM Group. “We appreciate Treystar’s adaptability and ingenuity when it comes to tenancy and partnered business solutions,” McDonald added. “With The Foundry, Treystar enabled us to be more cutting edge and work closer than ever before, which has led to multiple efficiencies across the company.”

For more on The Foundry, contact Fritz Brown.