For The Best, Choose West

No matter what service or product you’re selling “coffee, ice cream, groceries, haircuts, and yes, even simulated golf “your success depends on delivering an exceptional customer experience, time and again. That’s why Treystar invests in developing lasting relationships with its clients. “Our relationship with Treystar is more than a business transaction,’ said Kate Wunderlin, Managing […]

Second Childhood

Second Childhood is happy to have a second round of success partnering with Treystar. The children’s consignment clothing store opened in 1976 with Cecily Purdin at the helm in Treystar’s Westwood Plaza. Over the years business success necessitated a number of moves to accommodate Second Childhood’s growth. Eventually that growth lead Purdin’s daughter, Tamar Helmick, Second Childhood’s […]

Sapa Group

Vice president of Sapa Group for the Americas (Sapa) Jack Pell turned to Treystar for help finding the right office space in 2010. He and the global company have been satisfied Treystar clients ever since. Based in Oslo, Norway, Sapa is the world leader in aluminum solutions and extruding. Boasting 100 manufacturing facilities worldwide, the company employs […]

Planet Fitness

Chris Klebba, Planet Fitness franchise owner, partnered with Treystar in mid-2011. In addition to offering gym equipment and workout space, the health club is a community dedicated to personal wellness and acceptance. With a “Judgement Free Zone” philosophy and a “Lunk” alarm, Planet Fitness caters to people who want to improve themselves and stay healthy without feeling […]

Millennium Restaurant Group

With 11 entities to its name, Millennium Restaurant Group (Millennium) knows what it takes to operate a successful dining establishment and business. They also know successful business partnerships are key to establishing and strengthening restaurants individually and as a parent company. To that end the restaurant group has worked with Treystar since 2000 to house The Wine Loft in […]

CSM Group

Collaboration is critical to creativity and creativity is at the heart of everything CSM Group does. So when they were looking to create an environment designed to facilitate more personal interaction and inspire the next generation of creatives, Treystar emerged as the perfect partner. Called The Foundry after the business that occupied it in the early 20th […]

Big Apple Bagels

Jason and Rachel Boussom partnered with Treystar to find spaces that work for their Big Apple Bagels franchises in Kalamazoo’s Westwood Plaza. “We’ve had a location at Westwood Plaza for 12 years,” Jason Boussom said. Having owned franchises elsewhere, the couple knows firsthand how the Treystar team stacks up against their competitors. “We’ve worked a lot with leasing companies and […]