Raising the Bar on Friendly Service

Main St Pub Bar

Who doesn’t want to go “where everybody knows your name”? While it isn’t likely you’ll run into Norm, you’re sure to belly up to that same sense of comfort and belongingness at Main St. Pub.

With its 30th anniversary on the horizon (March 2019), Main St. Pub prides itself on helping every customer feel like a “regular,” even if it’s their first time into the restaurant. “We treat our guests as if they were guests in our home and never forget to give them a reason to come back,” said Tim Housler, who owns Main St. Pub with his brother, Chris. “Our guests and staff are why we’ve been successful for three decades. We have them to be thankful for.”

Treating those they serve like family is something Treystar also takes to heart. “Main St. Pub strives to deliver more than just great food and beverages,” said Terry Patterson, Treystar Retail & Development. “They strive to deliver a great experience, something that demands building personal connections. That’s our ultimate goal, too.”

“Treystar is an excellent management group,” Tim added. “Beyond attracting quality tenants and making sure the (Westwood) Plaza is clean, they’re consistently there for us, with an answer to a simple question or to problem solve a more complex concern.”

Care may be a word that’s bandied about, but for Treystar and Main St. Pub, it’s delivered through their daily actions and interactions. “Our company standard “which started with our father “is for everyone to make three friends per day, every day,” Tim said. “Sincerely caring about people is a must with ownership and our staffing.”

Add an affordable price point, and quality and variety of food to the list, and it’s no surprise Main St. Pub has grown from its flagship location on West Main to include additional restaurants in Kalamazoo, Portage, Allendale, Vicksburg, Mattawan and Wyoming. Whether you’re craving a burger, pasta or sea food, each location offers an extensive menu with appetizers, soups, sandwiches and delicious entrees.

“Hard work, dedication, and having a trusted group of employees to help us adapt and change,” Tim said. “It’s been a true blessing. After all these years, Chris and I still love what we do.”

(Btw, “they’re always glad you came,” too. No matter what you call yourself.)