Millennium Restaurant Group

With 11 entities to its name, Millennium Restaurant Group (Millennium) knows what it takes to operate a successful dining establishment and business. They also know successful business partnerships are key to establishing and strengthening restaurants individually and as a parent company. To that end the restaurant group has worked with Treystar since 2000 to house The Wine Loft in downtown Kalamazoo’s Haymarket Building.

Working with Treystar has brought a lot of value to Millennium over the years according to Ken Miller, principal owner and CEO of Millennium Restaurant Group.

Treystar is Many Things

The Wine Loft Ken Miller

“Treystar has an excellent reputation for credibility and representation,” Miller said, but describing the company in just one word is difficult.

Miller used the words proven, professional, caring, and proud to describe Treystar.

One of the main things that Miller praised Treystar for was that their ideals and goals complement those of Millennium making their working relationship smooth and comfortable.

“Our cultures align very closely,” Miller said.

“Treystar’s client services team is very much a part of our go-to crew. Fortunately, I think because of the quality of the facilities that we are in, we don’t have a lot of problems, but when we do they have been extremely responsible and extremely professional,” Miller said.

Added Value

The “Halo Effect” is yet another reason Millennium enjoys working with Treystar, Miller said.

“Being in a relationship with Treystar helps us,” Miller said.

The Wine Loft door

Miller said The Wine Loft – and Millennium itself – benefit from the positive reputation that Treystar has built for itself in the area. Doing business with Treystar reflects well on his restaurants and helps illuminate new opportunities and audiences.

Special Features

Located at 161 E. Michigan Ave. in the Haymarket Building, Miller highlighted The Wine Loft’s “very sophisticated, cosmopolitan feel.”

“The facility design and aesthetics are excellent,” Miller said.

Customer Recommendation

“We would absolutely work with Treystar again as a client, as a partner, in any capacity we could. Our cultures are so closely aligned, the fact that we are beneficiaries of the halo effect of their reputation and their professionalism.

“And we have just found ourselves – as clients of theirs – very happy and in a very cooperative relationship for the past 17 years. We look forward to another opportunity and I hope one arises soon,” Miller said.

Millennium Restaurant Group’s Economic Impact

Much like Treystar, Millennium restaurants go above and beyond every day and dedicate themselves to using as much locally sourced food as possible.

The Wine Loft bar

“It’s the Millennium goal to use as much as possible local sourced (food) as we can in all of our concepts. The newer concepts that we are looking at are more farm to table direct and certainly that is a strong part of our new menus as we design them.”

“Currently Millennium Restaurants are working on a couple of projects here in the Kalamazoo area; one directly downtown in our central business district and one more out in the Portage area. Both of which I think will have a strong, beneficial relationship with the economic efforts here downtown Kalamazoo and in the Kalamazoo area in general,” Miller said.