Collaboration is critical to creativity and creativity is at the heart of everything CSM Group does. So when they were looking to create an environment designed to facilitate more personal interaction and inspire the next generation of creatives, Treystar emerged as the perfect partner.

CSM Group office at The Foundry

Called The Foundry after the business that occupied it in the early 20th century, the facility is a 53,000 square foot creative incubator built on the Herman Miller Living Office© concept. With exposed girders, clerestory windows, artful meeting and breakout areas, The Foundry breathes fresh air, sunlight and encourages a sense of camaraderie and cooperation. It’s simply the most powerful working environment in Southwest Michigan. The Foundry. Join us now, or join us in the future.

To learn more about Treystar’s managed and developed properties contact Fritz Brown at or call 269.329.1808.