Big Apple Bagels

Jason and Rachel Boussom partnered with Treystar to find spaces that work for their Big Apple Bagels franchises in Kalamazoo’s Westwood Plaza.

Big Apple Bagels - owners Rachel and Jason Boussom

“We’ve had a location at Westwood Plaza for 12 years,” Jason Boussom said.

Having owned franchises elsewhere, the couple knows firsthand how the Treystar team stacks up against their competitors.

“We’ve worked a lot with leasing companies and I think Treystar is by far the most fair and honest,” Boussom said. “You can really trust what they say. When they are going to do something they really follow through.”

Treystar is Present

“Treystar is always present in the good times and the bad,” he said. “Even when we’ve had some challenging situations as a client they’ve always been there, always present, always good to ask for great advice, and they’re always fair to negotiate with.”

Added Value

Big Apple Bagels - made from scratch in-house

The Boussoms and Treystar have a lot in common in their day-to-day business management approaches, Boussom said.

“We make everything here from scratch. All of our cream cheese, muffins, and bagels are made fresh here every day. We don’t sacrifice quality at all; it’s really high on our list of priorities as well as a really strong dedication to customer service.

“Big Apple Bagels and Treystar share the same dedication to customer service. That’s why I am really drawn to equal values and people I can really work with who have the same mindset,” he said.

A Lasting Relationship

Shared values and trust in each other’s words are just two of the reasons the couple would partner with Treystar for additional locations.

Terry Patterson is a great resource for all potential locations,” Boussom said. “He is a very approachable leasing agent. You can run even the craziest ideas past him.

“He really likes to brainstorm and he is just one of the nicest guys you’ll meet. He really follows through on the things that he promises.”

The same goes for the Treystar team as a whole.

“Treystar’s entire team is very easy to work with,” Boussom said. “We can always go to them for any of our needs whether it be landscaping, any issue with the outside exterior, any maintenance issue. They are always right there and work gets done very, very quickly, and efficiently.”

Special Features

Big Apple Bagels - Westwood Plaza location

Due in large part to students and staff from nearby universities and colleges, the Westwood Plaza location is busiest during the school year.

“Our Westwood Plaza location has great high visibility, high traffic counts, lots of people coming in and out, and the signage is absolutely fantastic,”Boussom said.

Economic Impact of Big Apple Bagel

Mindful of their success, the couple also gives back.

“We participate with Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes and the Kalamazoo Gospel Mission,” Boussom said. “All of our leftover product at the end of the day goes to our local homeless shelters and feeds the people who are most in need.”