Robert M. Brown

Senior Partner and Chairman

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Robert Brown started the company in 1968 by building two large mobile home communities in
Kalamazoo County. Treystar grew quickly from its humble roots, thanks in large part to Bob’s
expertise, hard work, and persistent desire to discover and cultivate opportunity. In the 1970s,
Bob and a group of investors backed several manufacturing companies, acquired the Industrial
State Bank (now Comerica ), and began the renovation of the Main Street East complex in
downtown Kalamazoo. Throughout the course of the next 45 years, he has collaborated on
financing and launching over 40 companies in banking, manufacturing, and farming.

Since 2007, Bob’s passion has remained fueling continued innovation and enterprise in
Michigan, nurturing future generations at every turn. Lending support to the University of
Michigan and across Kalamazoo County , he has provided internships to retain the best and
brightest young professionals in the state. Today, he continues to champion entrepreneurial
curriculums at both University of Michigan and Western Michigan University to foster long-term
business and job growth.

Bob holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from University of Michigan and a Master of
Business Administration from Harvard Business School.